A promising start to Winter 17/18…

Sainte Foy is currently a true winter wonderland! We’ve seen 3 consecutive days of snowfall, with at least another couple of days of the same due in the forecast. Temperatures are bitter, with late night and early mornings showing minus 10ºC and lower on our balcony, and the mercury rarely rising above -5ºC during the day. This is all great news for snow! The snow cannons at resort level having been going full-chat recently, and have built up enough snow to cover both nursery slopes and the pistes back to resort. The snow that has fallen so far is sticking around and there’s no sign of a temperature rise on the cards.

The Arpettaz piste (the big red run off the second lift!) opened for business last weekend, allowing racing teams from across Europe to gain valuable pre-season race practice over the next few weeks. Although it pains us that we’re not allowed to join them on the lifts until 17th December, it certainly is testament to the positive start to Winter 17/18 that we are experiencing. Although we don’t like to draw too much attention to it, this time last year was looking rather…brown. The resort management did a fantastic job of snow-making and almost all of the ski area was open for the first week of the season. However, this year Sainte Foy promises to be looking a lot more wintery and at this rate, the lifts might be opening on a powder day!

We’ve still got availability for the opening week of the seasoncatered accommodation could be yours for £395 per person for 6 nights, or self-catered for £445 for an apartment of up to 4 people! Do get in touch if you’re interested.

Check back in for more snowy updates soon!

Marcus and Charlotte (& Luna the Westie)



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